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What are the requirements for aluminum veneer processing

Article source: Yuedu building MaterialsPublisher: adminPublished time: 2021-04-02

  To ensure the quality of aluminum veneer, it is necessary to strict requirements for the processing of aluminum veneer, the processing process can be divided into three aspects, including sheet metal processing, spray processing and quality assurance system, let's take a look at the specific requirements of these aspects.
  1, sheet metal processing requirements: a complete set of cutting, punching, bending and curved plate winding machine can achieve a variety of complex shapes of sheet metal processing with a basic size of 4 meters (many manufacturers can achieve more than 6 meters processing, but the longer the length, the worse the flatness).Argon arc welding and high-frequency nailing equipment for aluminum can ensure the high quality of welding, corner sealing and reinforcement of aluminum plate.Mechanized grinding and polishing equipment with 6.6×1.The 7×1 meter automatic pretreatment tank and a set of 8×3 meters and 8×2 meters spray room and oven designed exclusively can complete the processing of large plates and long materials, which can ensure that the surface of the product meets the film layer requirements of the substrate required for painting.
  2, spraying processing requirements: chemical pretreatment with chemical solution to remove organic and inorganic stains on the metal surface.Then remove the natural oxide layer, and then use chemical agents to produce oxide film, so that the metal surface produces rust prevention and permanent paint adhesion.Using the domestic advanced automatic electrostatic spraying line, the fluorocarbon coating is sprayed on the metal substrate layer by layer according to the process requirements, and baked and cured according to the specific temperature and time.
  3, quality assurance system requirements: quality inspection and packaging using high-precision special testing instruments to strictly inspect product quality, to ensure that product dimensional accuracy meets enterprise standards, paint film quality meets American AMA-605 standards.

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